Future Enhancements

There are a number of future enhancements that have been considered. This page lists a few of these. However the proposal at present is to implement none of them until we get some sort of feedback on the system as it currently stands. There are probably a large number of other features that may also be desirable and many issues that we have not considered.

Geolocation rules

At present we just allow users to enter their location and if they do so then they would only be presented with questions from their local. However users are free not to use this and they may also specify any location they want. Potentially we could be more restrictive with this and insist on using geo-location information from the users and potentially have rules on answering questions. For example it may be reasonable to look to get an answer from 3 different continents for a global decision and it may also be sensible to enforce that local or national decisions are being taken by people in the relevant country or area. This sort of thing probably only makes sense once there is a critical mass of users.

Social networking integration

There seems to be two main aspects to this. Firstly we might want to integrate and promote users achievement s and the system via twitter, facebook etc. We are not huge fans of these activities in general however they are popular in many areas and could help to speed up adoption and are at least more acceptable than advertising. The second option we are keener on is allowing users to ask their friends questions. This would probably work best if users were able to be confident in the confidentiality of their answers as there is currently no easy mechanism to ask a question and get effectively anonymous feedback from your friends.

Confidentiality in general

At present the system is maintaining a full audit trail of who answered what question, albeit users answers are not published to other users. Potentially we might want better security than this and we could introduce fully anonymous questions and also delete individual users answers once a question is resolved. Fully anonymous answers present a problem on the scoring side as there is no obvious way to credit users for getting the answers correct unless you keep a record of what their answers were until resolved. We could potentially also relax privacy for users that want to provide visibility of their answers to others and while there are challenges to deliver both privacy and accountability there are many techniques available generally that can improve this area. However ultimately our current thinking is that accountability trumps privacy and living in a shared universe requires accountability albeit we are hard determinists.

Elimination rounds

We think there may be a case for solving questions with large number of answers via an elimination process or knock-out. We have covered our thoughts on this in a separate page here.

Putting questions on hold

If we were to have elimination rounds or really any sort of question that may need some time to research before answering then there is probably a need to have the ability to put the question on hold until you are ready to answer. This seems fairly straightforward and we are not hugely concerned if this means occasionally users end up answering questions that have been resolved by others while they were researching. This again seems fairly straightforward functionality to add in.

Better action tracking

Clearly present action tracking is quite basic – if we are actually to have a system to control and manage the global strategy there is quite a bit more work required in this area. Initial steps would be sending full details and a link to the system along with the action. However there is a lot more that could be done here. In terms of monitoring and regular update on progress with actions and giving credit to users for completing tasks.

Please provide feedback to Russ with your views email: newglobalstrategy 'at' gmail.com