Standard Message to Global Leaders

You have been identified as a significant global leader either through a political or corporate leadership position, or due to having significant wealth or influence within a region. We are frustrated at the lack of progress this planet appears to be making towards providing the majority of its inhabitants with longer happier lives.

A key issue we have identified is the lack of an agreed global strategy and we are proposing the adoption of a short term objective of getting global life expectancy to 80 by the year 2020. This can be considered to be our 2020 vision and can also be described as a re-definition of the 80/20 rule or pareto principal with which you may already be familiar.

We will be holding you accountable to help drive this vision forward and make an active contribution to achieving this strategy. In our eyes you are now accountable to the planet as a whole rather than just your current stakeholders or citizens. We will be assessing how well you align your activities with our vision and we will be sending you reports periodically advising you of how well we assess you are performing. We will also be setting up an on-line tracking system so other people can review and comment on our assessment of your performance.

As an added incentive to your participation in our vision it is proposed that we migrate entitlement to more advanced and expensive healthcare treatments which you may require in future towards those whose behaviour is well aligned with our strategy. The precise eligibility criteria in future will depend on resource availability but you should be clear that evidence that you have failed to align your activities with the global strategy will not be helpful to your chances of being eligible for some of the advanced treatments which may become available.

Obviously at present we lack full credibility in this mission, however we will be building this up over the coming years. The improvements in communication technology now make global crowdsourcing of strategy for planet earth a viable activity and we will be refining the strategy as more people come on board. Our longer term aim is very much to make dying optional/reversible as eternal life seems to be a popular global concept and it seems many people would be interested in this if we could address some of the other inequalities of life at present.

However eternal life for all poses some challenges and so we think it’s sensible to suggest that good behaviour rather than accumulated wealth will be the correct criteria for entitlement to longevity as it is theoretically possible for everybody to be well behaved, whereas it is presently impossible for everyone to be wealthy at the same time, and the competition for wealth is arguably the greatest blight on the world today.

Your time in power will be relatively fleeting – however our objective is to establish a system that can run the world for many years to come. It will be built on the established technologies we have today and using them to empower the best people to make decisions that are right for the planet as a whole rather than the specific benefactors most closely associated with the decision maker.

We look forward to your help in making the world a better place.