Multi-Round Questions

We are considering the need to support a multi-round elimination style question which would operate in a similar manner to a knockout competition with the winners of each round going forward to the next round until a final winner is identified.

Examples of the sort of situation this might be useful would be in judging submissions perhaps for drafts of a proposed strategy for the planet or judging the results of a competition. It would be relatively simple to setup such a scheme - however there are some decisions to be made on how best to operate this.

In particular it seems such questions could not be left open for challenge for a long period as the winner of each round would go forward to the next round and it becomes very messy to unpick this if a challenge is successful. Simplest solution to this appears to be no challenge - though potentially the option of a short challenge period after each question is resolved before the next round starts might be acceptable.

It may also be necessary to have some sort of time based cut-off and potentially questions not resolved at that point would need to take what appears to be the best answer albeit 3 people have not agreed on the same answer at any level.

There is also a potential requirement to put some sort of limit on the number of options otherwise system may get rather clogged with the same question and lots of answers. The current conclusion of this is that this feature will not be developed until we have more feedback on the standard structure and setup.